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Welcome to the Scottish Tourism website. Our site exists in order to provide the interested with all the resources, information and related links available on the internet regarding Scottish Tourism. Scotland has a well-documented and often turbulent history that is traceable back through the last ten thousand years to the arrival of its earliest inhabitants. Over 1500 ideas for days out, keeping active or exploring Scotland. Whether you're planning a vacation, going away for the weekend or need to keep the children amused during the school holidays, Activity Point is the best way to find something of interest.

The main thread of this story of Scotland is concerned with the numerous disputes and battles with the English, their southern neighbours. There have been many battles, many whose names resound through the annals of history, such as the famed battle of Bannockburn, when Robert the Bruce and army of Scots at last overcame the English invaders. Even after this victory the tensions did not cease, and it wasn’t until the act of union was agreed and signed in 1707 and the undertaking of a shared parliament was put in place to solidify this union that the two countries finally began to co-exist in peace.

Modern Scotland continues to exist as a part of the United Kingdom, but devolution processes have been put into place, and there exists a solely Scottish parliament now.

The real indicator is in the fact that the majority of people in Scotland think of themselves as Scottish, and not as British. So get yourself over to Scotland and start to discover this country like no other. Employ the services of a local tour-guide and you will learn so much about the heritage of this proud nation. If you would like to comment on our Scottish Tourism website, feel free to do so.

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